ISDT XT60 1-8S 40A Safe Parallel Charging Board


Available on backorder


Available on backorder

ISDT have quickly become one of the leading RC battery charger manufacturers due to their innovative and high quality products. The PC-4860 Safe Parallel Adapter is another such product.

The 4860 will let you safely charge up to 4 batteries simultaneously at up to a massive 40amps input!

The quality of the board cannot be faulted. The case of the charging board is machined from a solid billet of aluminium and provides excellent protection and heat dissipation for the internal circuit board.

The board has been designed with safety in mind. The well designed balance port openings make it very difficult to accidentally plug in a balance lead backwards; should you manage to do so, the circuit board will protect itself, your batteries and your charger via 32, self-resetting fuses that not only protect the battery as a whole, but the individual cells as well.

As with all parallel charging boards, the advantage of having one if you use multiple batteries is significant. With the ISDT charge board you will be able to charge up to four batteries in the time it would take to charge just one.

The charge board is intended for use with XT60 connectors, however it can be used with other power plugs via available XT60 adapters.

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